Today's Completed Bike Ride Disappeared

I completed a planned “aerobic development” bike ride today, uploading my workout from a Zwift file. Received feedback / analysis on the ride. I modified my plan my adding a couple “C” races and, once the new plan came online, today’s ride was gone. I’ve not typically scene a revised plan impact the current week.

Thanks for reporting @BrentK and I have added that to our bug report list.

Hi @BrentK,
We note that an aerobic development bike ride has appeared on April 25th. Not sure what happened there.

Hi @Prof . I manually added the workout from my library so I’d be able to record the data.


Got it @BrentK … the issue you raise likely stems from the beta group you are part of. Please let me know if you’d like to back out of that group so that this issue (and potentially others) is eliminated.