Training Plan help required

Please help. I have tried lots of permutations and really struggling to get something that has the right load, at the right times in the right disciplines. I know is awesome and it is user error - but if someone could recomend the right settings within Athletica it would be hugely appreciated. I was in the beta group and would rejoin if that is required to achieve my aims.

Events that I would like a training plan for:

  • A very hilly offroad running Marathon - 22/06
  • 3 consecutive days of cycling 150km per day - 08/07 - 10/07
  • 6 consecutive days of cycling 150km per day - 30/08 - 04/09
  • Extremely hilly running Marathon - 07/09

In the scheme of everything and thinking about priority and A race - I would say getting my cycle fitness ready for the 3 day cycle 08/07 is my highest priority.

My current state of training

  • I have completed 2 hilly marathons in the last 2 weeks. So my run fitness is currently good (and slightly tired legs!).
  • I have been doing the odd aerobic 1 hour cycle on the turbo. (Put in previous years have done Ironmans and multiday cycles)
  • I have done no swimming.

What I ideally want:

  • Cycling focused training plan. That starts with something load appropriate (like ~2 hour long cycle in the first week) - gradually ramping up to ~ 130km / 6hour (or more) at some point before 08/07 so I have the confidence I can do it.
  • Running - To keep ticking over.
  • Swimming - 1 or maybe 2 swim sessions a week to help cross-training.


The plans have either been too low on the cycle (maxing at 3 hour rides), too heavy (4 hour ride in the first week) etc; Again I know this isn’t a limitation of - I just need to some help :slight_smile:

If anyone can help I would be hugely appreciative.


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Hey @vilbs
I would do a Ironman training plan (how much time you have available?) and modify your training terrain to match what you’ll be doing on races. So find hilly run terrains, trails etc.
for cycling, I would increase duration, and perhaps even move bikes 3-4 days in a row. Your key workouts on the bike are already on Athletica: Strength endurance work, Long aerobic (plan gives you 3-4 hours, extend those as needed) and a race pace efforts. You’ll get a variety of workouts and it will be challenging to do back to back. I would possibly use swim as recovery after a sride and easy zone 1-2 run as well. Recover a few days (easy swims, runs, strength, yoga, walking) and repeat.
Hope this helps. MJ


Thanks very much Marjaana. I have set a new plan and will come back with thoughts after a couple of days once it has settled down. Thanks again for the helpful response.