Training Science Podcast


Who are some of the guests you'd like to see on the podcast?

Olav Aleksander Bu :slight_smile:

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Kelly Lee McNulty
Kirsty Jayne Elliott-Sale
Marit Bjoergen
Dan Plews (from a view of a coach to Chelsea Sodaro as she was becoming a mom and towards becoming IM World Champ)
Guro Strom Solli
Oystein Sulta


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@Prof - thanks for getting Gordo onto the pod. I got into the sport in 2000 and he was one of the first people around readily providing training advice for free through a forum and his website at and gordoworld (DO NOT GO TO THOSE WEBSITES - THEY’RE STALE AND HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER BY NON-ENDURANCE RELATED THINGS…). It was cool that an “elite” was accessible to this 18/19 year old at the time.

A lot of trial and error went into his training and I’ve been glad to see him “back” in public over the last few years with his substack, joining strava, twitter postings, etc.

Most of my own training beliefs are still anchored around what he was preaching 20+ years ago. JFT.

(haha, also - I’m certain he was the recipient of some significant disagreement 20+ years ago from a certain scientist/author/internet contributor that is no longer able to post on trainerroad - so that makes 2 of you!)

Anyways, enjoyed the pod.


Really appreciate those comments @Bpellegrin and glad you enjoyed. Agree with everything you state.