Travelling but training


I’m training for my first triathlon.

I’m traveling for work for a few weeks, I will have occasional pool access but not bringing my bike. I’m wondering how to adjust my training to focus more on running, do I just delete those sessions and then it will adjust magically?


Hello Lapo, congratulations on training for your first triathlon! Hopefully, your accommodations will have a weight room too?

You can delete the non-running workouts and upload your Garmin/Strava to Athletica or simply upload and leave the current workout. Athletica will adjust accordingly.


Hey @Lapo1990

One of my athletes has been travelling extensively the past 6 months, USA to Asia, Europe, back to USA and back to Europe again. He just sent me this message from Paris:

I’ve helped him adjust his plan and he uses the workout wizard too depending on what he has available. He is a typical endurance athlete who rather spends time outside rather in a hotel gym, but he has done a lot of sessions on a rower or gym bike. Depending on how badly jet lag has hit him, he has either done some easy aerobic sessions or 30/30s and strength work, when traveling.

He has been able to stay fit throughout the travels because he has been committed to his health and fitness - even with all the travel he has been through.

I know in Europe renting a bike and even a bike guide is pretty easy, but even with some basic hotel gym it is fully possible to keep your training going. Use the workout wizard and delete the workouts you know you aren’t able to do.

Hope this helps, and good luck on your first triathlon!