What if I miss my test?


This is an interesting scenario. So of course if you ever reset your plan you will have the option to do a test week in the week following. Of course, if you miss a test then you miss a test and currently we can't move sessions into the following week as an athlete. If you are a coach, you can copy the test session into your library and paste that session for your athlete into any week you desire.

All that being said, if you ever do happen to do your own test, and you exceed any of the set threshold numbers, Athletica will recognize this and update your threshold and zone values accordingly.

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@prof That's interesting because I just had a similar question. Beside the test run I did last week, I don't see a test run scheduled anywhere else in my plan. According to the above, how I understand it is as follow:

  • The initial test run was to in fact set the threshold values to start off
  • There is no specific test rescheduled later because throughout the plan, there some sessions with high intensity near 5k or more. Therefore the system will see it and take any values exceeding current thresholds and will replace them in the threshold parameters
  • I can also, of course, manually copy that initial test run and reschedule it any time I want.

Did I pretty much get it?

That is more or less correct @patrickd123