Planned absence from training

I’ve had a look around in athletica and wondered, is there a way to add in a few days break? I’ll be away with work for 5 days, back for 1.5days and away again for 3days. Is there a way to add this into the plan?

If I just delete the sessions, does Athletica realise my absence and adjust my next few sessions, or does it play catch-up, or will the sessions remain as they currently are?


You currently have a couple of options. You can leave them in there and just skip them or you can delete them. Athletica will adjust your plan to keep you on track for your A event. If you choose to delete them Now, you can see how the following weeks are updated overnight.

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Yes - this is getting asked a fair bit and it seems (on paper) relatively straightforward so I will add to the dev list.