What's the best way to increase VO2max and why?


Your 15 min science-based poolside tutorial provided by our resident expert Filip Kolodziej (#babyplews) to address the question.


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Found that interesting.

Always wondered what the fast and slow component of oxygen kinetics meant. I did 5 x 4 min long HIIT VO2 max today. I do these outside on a local hill. I have zoomed into my third interval where the fast component seems to be about 100 seconds where my HR increases 48 BPM, then over the following 150 seconds it increases a further 8 bpm.

If you know your resting HR and max HR is there an equation to proxy heart rate % to VO2 % of max?

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Nice data @phil. You proved it in yourself. To your question, HR is more or less aligned to %VO2. Not directly but close enough as I’d imagine it would be in your case. As the VO2 master and comparable units come more into the market we’ll be able to get a better picture of how this is functioning in the field at the individual level compared with HR. From a practical standpoint we would be likely splitting hairs.