Why I'm seeing same training plan each week?

Why I’m seeing same training plan each week? Maybe because I’m on free trial version? :slight_smile: help

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Hi @toshelis,
Often you’re seeing similar sessions because each session has a session aim in the week (aerobic, tempo, VT2, VO2, etc). You have almost infinite variety in your session across the same aim by leveraging our Workout Wizard, so in theory, never the same training plan if you don’t want it.

Hello @toshelis, to add on to the Prof, Athletica varies the training plan each week as you get fitter. There may be similar workouts, but those change in intensity and duration.
Plus, as the Prof says, you can use the Workout Wizard button to choose other workouts if you need variety, you lack time, or you’re sick or injured.
Finally, the Athletica plan is a framework or a structure for you. You can always do different workouts, do more or less than the plan prescribes, and try something new at any time. The plan always adjusts to what you do. I give strength and yoga routines to all of my athletes, plus we change the workout routine as needed.
That’s the beauty of Athletica - it gives you the structure of an excellent training plan and always adjusts to what you actually do.
I hope that helps!

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I can confirm the same training plan every week.
Each week I have the same VO2 workout, 30/30 sec and strength endurance program.

Nothing changes. It just goes on and on and on and on a…

This is not what im paying for…

Hi @Daidali

Correct - the structure and session aims are similar week in and week out with purpose. This is so that you hit your physiological targets in accordance with HIIT Science principles. This is the way many professional teams/athletes train and our methods are taken from them.

The variety within each of those sessions is high. For example, here below is your upcoming threshold session. Just click on the Workout Wizard and you can hit a similar physiological target a different way. Notice you have different tabs you can select for Duration, Fatigue, Diversity and Injury, all taking your physiological profile into account. No other AI training platform offers this. That is what you are paying for…