Working with custom training plans

Is Athletica intended to be used with a personal training plan? That is to say would it recognize my planned interval sessions or long rides and make adjustments to my personalized plan based on load, stress, missed workouts, etc. rather than the plan that is generated by the algorithm.

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Hi there @ryangrg78 ! Welcome to Athletica. I love this question!

This platform is a science backed LLM designed to prescribe a program and keep it updated based on your compliance. Based off of the polarized / 80-20 model, there is a mix of long sessions, threshold, short and long HIIT and lots of zone 2.

Sessions that you add from your own program are currently untouchable, so sessions that are prescribed by the Athletica are the only ones that will be adjusted. Adjustments are based on the load and fatigue generated by what you are doing in training.

Does that make sense?

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Yes. Though I was concerned that there really didn’t seem to be a strong base in the long arching structure and as I’m currently in an early base phase I wanted to change the HIIT session to a threshold session. This system didn’t really probe me for what I wanted from it. Honestly, this felt kind of gimmicky as it would likely in the short term raise my FTP result on a 20 minute test but not really concentrate on the system I’m trying to work, maybe I’m wrong about this, but it was a concern. There was a reference for the threshold design and HIIT design, but no reference for using both in base interval sessions. On top of this I wanted to personally tweak how I was doing the threshold work. Overall though I’m still following an 80-20 model.


Hey :wave:t2: would love to hear your thought train regarding what you are trying to accomplish, it’s not clear to me.

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