Workout scheduling

Being someone who works shifts and doesn’t follow the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 work week, I often have to rearrange my training schedule/suggested workout plan for the week to accommodate my work.
Does doing this have much of an effect on my short term (or even long term) development?
While I make sure that I (mostly) complete the weekly hours and never have two intense days back-to-back, I often find myself shuffling workouts around to the point that they’re nothing like the suggested schedule and wondered what effect, if any, changing things around has?

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Hi @Matt ,

Shifts are tough on your system as you note, but I know many shift workers that manage this well as they maximize their days off time, or day time. From the session standpoint Athletica will work as it always does — it responds to what is done or isn’t done. So just move or delete/add sessions to your context and do your best to get your sessions done as per prescribed. Also be mindful of your fatigue levels and make sure you listen to your body and recover as needed. Recovery can be just as important as the training itself.