Add Athletica to your iPhone Home Screen

Here’s a quick tip if you want to access the Athletica website like a native app on your iPhone.


In Safari browser, tap the box with an arrow coming out the top, third icon from right at the top. Then scroll down to add to home page. Hey presto no need to keep it open in browser or remember address. Just tap on the icon when you need to visit.

You can do the same for this forum as well. Hey presto. Really it’s just a shortcut that opens it in the browser.


Thanks for this Phil! This was helpful and simple!

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That is brilliant! I keep a tab open in the bazillion tabs always open in Safari and I put it to the top right spot so I just scroll up to the VERY top right spot (my finger gets tired from the scrolling :wink:), but at least I know where it is. This is a game-changer for Apple users until a proper app is made.

TYVM :clap: :partying_face: :partly_sunny:


Awesome info @Phil with thanks!

similar process for those with iMac to add to the dock via safari…saves time opening so more time for training :slight_smile:

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Has anything changed regarding authentication? I am asked to login again quite frequently for the past couple of days, which adds an extra step of logging in and reopening the bookmarked page.