Athletic Programming Two Runs vs One Long One?

For tomorrow, Athletica is programming two runs for me – one for 70 minutes and another for 50 minutes, for a total of two hours. The longer run is “Aerobic Development” and the shorter is “Strength Endurance,” both at L2 intensity with the suggested addition of hills for the SE run.

Is that intentional and intended to suggest (and recommend) that two separate runs on the same day is better than doing the typical “long run”? There’s also an 80 minute aerobic run on the schedule for Sunday, which is when I typically run long.

Thanks much.


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Good Morning @BrentK

I have similar days about 4 days a week. Often, it comes to scheduling for myself; I can fit in 2 smaller sessions into my day Vs. one larger one. Family, Work and Sleep and “other” always seem to require attention aswell :thinking:.
It also allows for the same time on feet as a long run, but with a small amount of recovery in between often will contribute to better form over the entire duration of both sessions. As runners better quality time on feet will result in fewer injuries in the longer term. There is also some information regarding hormonal stimulation and recovery if you split some longer sessions, but, if memory serves, there were some minimum and maximum times between the sessions to leverage these changes.

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