Time between multiple training sessions

Dear fellow athletica’s!

Im wondering how much time I should keep in between my multiple trainings per day.

I’m training for the livigno extreme triathlon.

Today I had a easy run first that was 40 minutes and after 20 minutes I did my easy bike ride that was 1 hour.

What do you guys suggest?

I guess it really depends on your day. The only time it matters is the “run off the bike” that needs to be done immediately?

If anything I would guess recovery from the first session is more important


I believe there are some hormonal aspects to timing longer sessions and the adaptations that are stimulated.
Without a direct reference to the above (dig into the science if interested) I remember reading out it somewhere but a quick Google returned this initial article.

Is it ok to run twice in one day?

I would return to RPE and your sense of recovery and freshness after experimenting with two sessions back to back Vs two sessions with some greater time between them.
If putting them too close together is jeopardizing future training sessions I would balance the two session days and times with the weekly training load.
Personally, I use two sessions when my schedule (work, life, family, etc) doesn’t allow for long sessions or my form is breaking down towards the end of a long session; rather than pushing through and increasing my potential for an injury I allow for a “reset and reengage” and some times I just know that dropping the second session and/or doing something else like going for a walk or a roller/ball therapy session (or even just some time playing cards with my kids) allowing my to “toe up to the start of the next session” as fresh as possible.

Experiment with your own N=1 and see how you feel. Run/Bike sessions may be different than run/run sessions, especially between athletes.

Let us know how it turns out as you try different things, but be cautious about changing too many things at once.



Runs off the bike are important as that is what you will do during your race.

How much recovery in between two sessions? Hard to say as the context matters. I used to do two sessions back to back because that was the only way to get them both done. But if I can chose (I have the flexibility during the week) I will have a few hours in between if possible. Sometimes we just need to get them done without pushing us into the bin.

Sorry I can’t give you more clear cut answer.


Thanks so much!

Makes sense that the most important indicator is listening to my body.

I often have time for 1 morning and 1 evening session. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and then I need to do 2 training within 2 hours or so.

I realized doing both run and bike aerobic training work well for me. Similar to combining it with a aerobic , vo2 or strength swim training.

Combining a bike or run interval training is a bit too much for me… since then there is a lack of recovery between my training.


Yes, :raised_hands:t2: I sometimes do two hiit sessions (swim & run) same day, but then it needs to be backed up with nice and easy the day after as getting older my recovery times are getting longer. It’s a fine balance.
Let me know how it goes !