Swim workout not matching description

I just completed the Swim Time Trial. Quite a list of questions, sorry:

  1. I used the “Send to Garmin” option manually, then sent it to my watch from Connect. Did I need to do this, or would it have been there without this step?
  2. the workout that transferred did not match the description. After the 400TT, my plan says to do a "contrast set 4 x 200. Yet my watch guided me to 4 x 100. So the planned distance of 2,300 yielded only 1,900 (no big deal unless I have a setting to correct).
  3. This is the big one: there is no rest after a set before moving to the next. The effect was that after my 5 x 100 w/u, it jumped RIGHT into the 400TT with no warning. When I build a workout in Connect, there is a separate REST step that is triggered by the lap button before moving on. I do not see a way to add this in the Athletica app, and cannot edit on Connect either.
  4. Fortunately, I was wearing FORM goggles in addition to my Garmin. But now I don’t know which data was sync’d. FORM goes to Strava, and Garmin goes to Connect (and then to Strava…). Am I supposed to only have a single data file for Athletica to pull?
  5. Last, how do I look at a given lap? I click on “Analysis” and have a note: “Unable to display charts, not enough accurate data found.” On my last ride I can see power and hr data. What might I have done wrong here?



Any feedback here that can help me with my swim questions? Currently, I cannot use the auto-sync’d swim workouts.

Sorry for delay Michael. Slipped through the cracks with conference travel.

  1. Should be there without that step if you have given permission to push to Garmin all workouts.
  2. Probably need to set your session update in setting to 0 to make sure changes aren’t made on the day. I would also not ever sync the test. Just do the test section. Things aren’t good enough in the Garmin environment yet for the watch to accurately capture a swim pace like we see for GPS or power.
  3. Yes - this is a problem. You can search this forum as its being discussed elsewhere. Think that stopping watch is best solution for now.
  4. Yes - Form is another challenge as they have yet to respond to our requests for integration. Search Forum for that tread also and please get on board by sending them a message to ask if they would complete the integration with us. Thank you. For now, just use your Garmin file only
  5. Yes - no integration yet to look at individual swim laps. For this you would need to look within your Garmin Connect account.
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Thank you also for the reply as I was just about to ask the same question. I just use the skip workout mode for now and write out the set, as it is different on Garmin compared to the session plan from the App. Would prefer it like this anyway as I am not so good at keeping track of laps and Garmin counts them for me (apart from drills)…


Hey, sometimes your workouts get re-calculated over night based on what got done (or not done) so best to always re-sync your watch in the morning (garmin connect & your watch) so the updated version is synced into your watch.


I also noticed that workout distances in the calendar mode can be different from the detail mode if you click on the set. For example this morning the calendar showed a 2x100 set but the detail was 2x50. This is probably why the downloaded Garmin workout is different from the planned session.

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Thanks everyone on this. This bug is being reported often but is hard to catch. I’ll try tomorrow if I can but if anyone can get screenshots of the error occurring, as it transfers from Athletica, to Garmin Connect, to the Watch itself, I’d appreciate it. :pray:

Hi, not sure if this is the same bug but my workout for tomorrow has changed to this…

I struggle to count lengths, let alone knowing where the 69m mark is! Haha

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Could be a rounding error: 69m = 75y, or 3 laps.

This would be: drill for 1 lap, then swim 2. Repeat 4x.

This happened to me for some reason too… will add yours to the bug report with thanks @jockefc23