Problem logging drills on Garmin with Athletica swim workout pushed in

When I have pushed in the athletica swim workout into my Garmin Swim 2 I can’t find a way to use the drill log. Is it doable and I just haven’t figured it out?
For example if I want to log a kick set I think I need to log it as a drill and log the distance as the garmin won’t recognize me doing kick and the distance.
Do people have a work around for this?
Thanks for any thoughts

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Hi, I am also wanting to know this! I cant see how many lengths I have completed. My Garmini vibrates when I am swimming, but because I am swimming I have no idea what it is telling me. I am using the skip workout mode until I figure it out too.

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The vibration usually means (at least what happens to me), you’re in the last 25m/50m of your defined set. So let’s say you have a 200m set and your pool setting is 50m, Garmin vibrates around the 15th-20th meter of your last 50m.

That being said, @Prof, I would love to have the option of sending swim workouts only as drill sets to my Garmin Watch. Sometimes I do my workouts in crowded pools and when I hit someone by mistake or have to slow down, Garmin thinks I completed a pool length and completely screws up the workout. That’s why I always copy the workouts from Athletica to Garmin Connect, and set the stroke type of the steps as “Drill”.