Best setting for mixed training run/bike?


Primary "A" race is a 50km ultra but I'm also trying to maintain a fairly decent level of cycling fitness with improvements in FTP. This would probably be something like one long ride on the weekend and a couple of structured sessions.

Any advice on what I should enter in to get the best results? Or should I leave as a 50km ultra A race (run only) and then just do bike sessions and let the AI do its magic to adjust things?

Thanks for any advice!

Hi there,

You might want to tinker with using the long distance duathlon plans if you want to take some of the thinking out. You'll still need to modify somewhat but you'll get a good blend of running and cycling using this. And you can download the cycling a bit and up the running a bit depending where you are at relative to your 50k. That's what I would do.



Hi @Prof , I have a similar need to @webscience2. I have tried the duathlon plan, but i settled on a Running plan and switch some runs to bike using Workout Wizard. While reading this thread I thought I might have a solution: In Settings>Training>About You> Daily time availability & constraints I added a bike session:

I have just rerun the plan and I now have a bike ride every Sunday in a running training plan.

I just rerun the plan because I forgot to select the Skip Test Week box, but now I only get a bike session added today (it is a Sunday) and not again in the rest of the plan. Is this feature still in Beta @Prof?


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Good stuff David. Remember that it can take up to 12 hours for the WEB side you operate to talk to the backend LAB side and for the changes to be made. Best practice is to be happy with your settings in the evening and check back in the morning. Yes - still in beta.

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I have just reviewed the schedule, after leaving it for 12+ hours, and the Sunday bike session was only added once in my 12 week running training plan (11th Feb).

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