Big adjustment of training session after session where I did not felt great



I can’t answer question 1, but question 2 I’ve got a screen shot for you. Make sure the check box for “Show original “ is checked so you can see both the adapted workout and what was planned prior to changes.

Thanks for the help here @Jesse. Indeed we’re looking into the other issue Rene.

@rene Thanks Rene. Now I understand. I do believe that we have since updated that so that the original no longer shows from a detailed crossed out standpoint - only the changed loading (see top of session when clicking tick box)

@prof thank you for clarification :slight_smile:


I started a new OD plan (low volume, train to maintain) on monday. The sessions on monday and the run on tuesday were ok, but I didn't felt really great during the session (e. g. RPE of 6 for the swim on monday). Now I'm confused that the plan suggests a swim session on wednesday which is 900 m longer than the originally planned workout (from 1.5 k to 2.4 k). I think that could be too much load for me, so I'm not sure if it is calculated correctly (Ramp rate is set to "normal" within the settings). Can you check it or can you explain how I could handle this workout.

And another question in this context: the adjustment of a workout is only displayed in the grey marked summary at the top of the workout description. When I used Athletica earlier, I was able to see also the old description of the session with strikethrough texts. Is it not displayed anymore?

Thanks @jessew. The "show original" box is ticked the whole time. But it is not what I thought about. Just for clarification: I use Athletica since February 2022. Last year I was able to see every adjustment of the description of a workout, not only the summary in the grey coloured box at the top of a workout.

For example: original swim session starts with a 400m warm-up. Due to adjustments of the AI the warm-up is changed to 500m . Last year I was able to see the "new" 500m, but also the "original" 400m at the same time in the workout description, but the original planned section was displayed as crossed-out text. Not only for swimming but also in all thre disciplines.

Currently I only see the summery of the adjusted and orginal workout at the top of the workout. I don't have any older screenshot of this description.