Confusing messages in training

I had a long bike training for yesterday combined with a run and a shorter bike training today. So I swapped the 2 bike sessions. Interestingly I now have 2 comments in my long training that seem to contradict each other.

I have an exclamation mark saying:
Acute/chronic training load ratio is too high on day 2024-02-28 (bike). You have a high risk of overtraining. Consider moving or deleting some sessions.

I have a blue i button saying:
Reason for session change. Increase in training load to ensure progressive overload.

So what should I do with this session and in general when this happens? I feel fine and strong

Hi Antonie,

Just ignore the exclamation mark and blue button for now: Athletica is getting to know you. In general, those should disappear as your progress in the program. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have been training for 2.5 months now. How long does the ramp up take approx?
And I guess you mean ignore the icons and do the longer training?

Hi @Antonie, the ramp increases every week, if that’s what you mean.
I meant ignore the warnings about training load being too high. That happens!
Let me know if you need help with this!