Blood donation and training

Hi, anyone here knows how or where can I contact someone to adjust my training, I must donate blood and of course this will affect my performance for a few weeks, but I can’t find how to contact anyone here or is there a feature to adjust the training in this kind of situations?

Hi @benjatruev ,

Welcome to the Athletica forum.
Two settings may help with training while you recover from donating blood; depending on if you want a reduced schedule or a blank schedule.
In the “Settings” tab there is an option to enter your A/B/C race dates or to set Atheltica to “Train to Maintain” which will adjust your schedule to roughly maintain your current level of fitness (it will increase very slowly over time, but much slower than a regular Athletica program).
The other option would be to “Go Unscheduled” which is at the bottom of the Settings tab. The description of this setting is clear:
“Sometimes life gets in the way and you just want to have nothing scheduled for a while. We’ll give you a blank plan until you’re ready to go again.”

Hopefully that helps.


I gave blood in Jan and made notes on my performance. I moved my workouts round to have the less intensive ones first. For high intensity sessions I aimed for the bottom of the range. Fir endurance I do that by heart rate anyway and thus it was self correcting after giving blood.

Without looking it up I think my efficiency factor dropped to 1.3 and returned to its normal range around 1.6 to 1.7 after about two weeks.

I’ve been invited to give again, but it’ll have to wait till I have my upcoming events in May out the way.