Change percentage of disciplines (swim bike run)


Hi, I changed the swim bike run training percentages by setting them

10% swim

40 bike

30 run

20 strenght

But swim is still tall and hasn't updated.

In particular I can't train 4 times swim but only 2 times a week and I would like to reduce the number and length of sessions (2 sessions from 1/1.5h per week) with mid volume Olympic triathlon 7/15 hours weekly

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Thanks for this. I'm glad its posted as its one of the most common comments and requests. We recognize that section is confusing and we use it more to guide the training from the predicted fitness/fatigue standpoint. A new feature will replace that soon that we are currently calling 'user time constraints'. Ultimately you will be able to declare exactly how much training time you can do on any given day of the week in any given exercise mode (as you outlined above) and your wish will be your command. If you'd like to trial this as a beta user, and for anyone else reading, please contact me 'prof@' and I'll add you to our beta testing group.


+1 for beta testing


@prof subscribed to the subscription for 6 months because I believe in athletics! I am a passionate triathlete and passionate about new training methodologies (I study a lot).

So I wanted to ask you:

If I now change (decreasing) the percentages of swimming as

Change my plan?

Reduces the total of

Hours of swimming or does it reduce the number of weekly sessions?

2. How do I know if I am a Beta Tester?

Thank you!

(I'm excited to be part of the Athletica Family and I can't wait to make my contribution..I think it's the best App in terms of value for money!)

@giuseppe85 thank you so much for subscribing and believing in us. We're really happy to have you on board.

As mentioned, please just ignore the percentages. They are confusing and will become redundant soon. I have made you a beta tester and an announcement will be made when we are ready for you to test these.

Thank you again and we'll be in touch!


@prof what about Beta tester?

Next week I won't be able to do bike training; should I already eliminate bike sessions or wait for the Wizard workout and replace with run or Swim?

@giuseppe85 You decide according to your context. Typically doing something is better than nothing. So long as you aren’t feeling heavy fatigue (either in your running legs from a run the day before, or shoulders from a hard swim), then its great to be ab

@prof Ok but for the work of the AI is it better that I eliminate the bike sessions already now or leave them and just don’t run them?

@giuseppe85 actually the AI is indifferent here. It doesn’t care. If you don’t do the session then nothing gets recorded and the AI assumes you didn’t achieve any related load. It then recalculates tomorrow accordingly. Some of us (like me) are a bit OCD

@paul Yes, I would like to be part of the “Beta testers”!
giuseppe Leccese

New user please add me to the beta testing. Thanks.

Unfortunately I can’t identify you via your Forum user name. Please send me a DM to reveal your name or email and I’ll do that for you.

Welcome to the Athletica forum Bretzky! Great to have you here and interested in helping out with the beta testing! @Prof has you covered.

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I think it would be nice to see the current percentages determined vy Athletica so we can fine tune it instead of taking the risk of messing up with them.


@Prof +1 for Beta. Coming from a swimming background, I think time for me would be better spent working on my running. Sounds like the new feature will help with that.

Not sure if it’s been noted somewhere else in the forum as I’ve not done a significant dive through all threads, but in addition to the % splits between activities, an ability to select maximum number of activity types per week as well. Meaning, I’m going to swim 10-15k/wk and I’m doing that in 3 sessions with maybe an additional on the weekend to relax and stretch out. As the current model is set up it appears to be wanting me to swim 5x/wk and it adjusts the volume of each session, which I then manually override. The manual override is easy enough, but I’d like to do less manual changes and let the AI work it out.

Additionally, if there is a way to cap individual sessions during the week that would be great as well. For instance, I can train 3 hours/weekday, but I can do that via two 60-105 minute sessions before and after work, but putting a 2:20 SE ride on a weekday isn’t something I can find time for (weekends are another story).

Hope that makes sense and happy to continue the chat.

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You got it @DBelcher… you’ve been added. Give it a few hours and you should see the feature in your settings.

Hi @Bpellegrin. Indeed, as recommended in this thread, I’d suggest you consider being added to our beta group and experiment with our user-time-constraints feature. Its in beta so you’d need to recognize that it isn’t perfect yet, but does seem to be doing the job for most about 90% of the time. Do let me know. As above, the % and hours inputs are really more for onboarding and establishing initial fitness values and we recognize this isn’t intuitive and needs to change in V2.

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I’d love to join it. I did see requests here and there in other threads to join so if this is sufficient let me know, conversely, if I need to formally sign up within the app I can do that as well.

Really pleased so far!

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