Changing race plan

How do I change my race that my plan is set for? Thanks

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Simply delete the race you have on the plan now - toggle “delete race”
And add another race

Hope this helps

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Thanks. I’m thinking of dropping down from an Olympic triathlon to a sprint, but I don’t want to make the training any easier. Do you know how it would be different? Would the some distances be shorter but more intense? Would it make sense to switch to mid volume (I’m on low volume now)?

Also would all my carry over?

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Yes, all your data would carry over.

I am unfortunately very familiar with exact training prescription difference between olympic vs sprint. Maybe @Prof can elaborate on that?

How much time do you have available for training?


Thanks. I’d say I have 8-10 hours per week.

I would say if you have 8-10 hrs consistently you may enjoy the mid volume plan and then do some adjustments accordingly (delete or move sessions as needed).