Classic FTP Execution

If I do the classic FTP test from “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” that uses a five minute all out effort before the 20 minute effort will this be a problem? Will the system still recognize the FTP test?


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Heya! Wow :star_struck: 5 & 20 min tests, are you doing the 1 mins as well? I remember doing the classic power tests a few years back and they were leg zapping!

To answer your question, yes athletica will recognize your 20 min effort as ftp test.

Ride on!

I’ll save the one minute for the power profile test. I just know myself and If I don’t do the 5 minute effort my 20 minute will reflect more of my anaerobic capacity if you want to call it that.

I guess another question I have is will the system recognize how much of my 20 minute power is being boosted by my anaerobic capacity from the follow up power profile test and in that case not bother doing a 5 minute effort before the 20 minute ftp test?