Good FTP test but horrible Power Profile test

I am new to Athletica but I do want to say that I am extremely happy with what I am seeing, finding and learning about the platform. I am diving in to all the podcasts, trainings, etc. that you all are providing and it is great!

What is not so great, and my question, is this. I did my FTP test and felt very good about the results. My test was this part Thursday. I then had my Power Profiling test on Sunday and it was absolutely horrible. Life got in the way and I was tired not feeling the best but tried as much as I could. I produced lower numbers then my FTP Test so I accepted them but then put them back to my original numbers from my FTP Test. So, my question is, should I stay with my original FTP Test numbers, use the Power Profile Test numbers, or use the FTP Test numbers for now and reschedule the Power Profile Test? If reschedule, when?

Thanks and keep up the great work you all are doing!!


Hey @fekieser,
Really appreciate those comments. Those are the ones that keep us going. :muscle:
WRT your question, we all have days like this. Because the two tests are so close to one another, you can take the FTP test numbers for your settings — your true zone numbers don’t massively shift over a few days. Just call the power profile test day a bad day and move forward with your training.
Hope that helps and look forward to hearing more from you — and hopefully its progress!


Thanks @Prof! Pedal on it is. Plan on getting it right the next time!!