Connect IQ Workout Reserve Data Field Frequently Asked Questions

#3 Hints and tips for installation

  1. Make sure you have your paired phone and Garmin Device in front of you. With Connect and and Connect IQ installed
  2. Read the data field install instructions and for further info watch the video.
  3. Turn battery saver off on your Garmin device. Battery saver reduces communication frequency between your device and your phone. If your device goes to sleep it won’t be talking to Athletica.
  4. Once you have installed the data field you must also add it to either one of your existing data screens or add a new data screen. You’ll find it listed under IQ at the bottom of the list of data fields.
  5. Once you have authorised the data field keep your phone and device turned on for at least 15 minutes or till you hear the 5 note tone. Garmin restricts the data field from making a web call to Athletica to a minimum of once every 5 minutes. After authorisation, the data field has to make 3 more calls to Athletica to convert the authorisation into access and obtain your WR profile the first time.
  6. Once you hear the 5 note tone, you are good to start using the data field. The WR data field display (if you are looking at it on your device) will change from -O- to 100% at this point.

If the data field install says queued in Connect IQ and seems to be going nowhere, either power your device on and off, or restart the Garmin IQ app. That seems to clear the issue.

  • Once you have successfully authorised the data field, try not to uninstall / reinstall the data field. This action may cause you to need to start from scratch. Just be patient the first time.
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