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Is there any way to restore deleted session (planned but not done yet)? Or how I can add session on day that i know i will have spare time?

Hey Ketyas! Not sure about the first part of your question, but for the second you can try using either add from library (looks like a barrel) or add your own (the plus symbol) based on workout description.

For the first option, you can add one of the workouts from the plan to your library and then schedule it on any day you have extra time.

For the second option, click on the plus symbol and fill in the fields describing the workout and hit save. Athletica will create the workout for you.

@ketyas At this time, it looks like deleted sessions are lost to the ether. I just tried to delete tomorrow’s session and I get a message warning me that it cannot be undone. See screen shot below:


@ketyas Side note: in the future you can add the session you’re thinking of deleting to the library first. Then delete it. That way if you change your mind you can retrieve it.

I did tha, but deleted session is also disappearing from library.


Gone from the library too, that’s interesting.

Technically, the plan is managed by Athletica. There is no need to delete sessions. You just skip the sessions that you cannont do (fill in the subjective information for the algorithm) and future sessions will be adjusted.

Main difference between deleting and skipping is visual, you don’t get to look back and see a missed session!

Ok, the second part is clear. Thanks, I was aware of the library, but didn't know about the creator.

But let's get back to the first part. For example I have aerobic session planned for tomorow and i delete this planned session, is any way to undo this, to restore this planned session?

I can use workout creator to create session, but I don't remember what duration it was and what should be power targets.

The question arises is there any difference between skipping training and removing it from the plan? There may be a difference if there are two training sessions on a given day, but there shouldn't be a difference on other days, right?

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would be great to see if there was an undo option. Sometimes I find myself deleting a session or moving it accidentally. Would be great to have an undo option.

Thanks @TylerC this is on the dev list

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