Difference High/Medium Volume



I have a question ... this is the last week before an Olympic .. in the first photo HIGH volume in the second MEDIUM volume ... how come in the “high volume” despite the high training load you arrive at Race Day with the same fitness / freshness / Form values of medium? Shouldn’t it be greater in High Volume?


Hi Giuseppe,

Thank you for posting this question. Athletica aims to maximize your fitness and form before your race in alignment with your abilities and how much time you have to train. As you have shown us, Athletica did its job for you in both cases, irrespective of the volume option you provided as a user. When you race often, you don’t allow your fitness to get to its potential because you have to taper and lower training load. That’s why you don’t see most professionals racing all the time. They start months back and lay down consistent training, consistent load, week after week and month after month. If you want your fitness to get higher, I would suggest you might try racing less and see what happens.