Female Athletes - What do you want to know about training?

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Let’s start with something I am personally interested to know and learn more about: What do Female Athletes want to know about training?

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Thank you for leading this topic @Marjaana. We are already heavily invested and dedicated to changing the game for women, with data collection for our pilot study now complete. Let’s go :muscle:


It is nearly impossible wait to see findings from this study @Prof :innocent:


Hey hey, did you see this study by Asics of perceptions of barriers women face participating in sports? What are women's top barriers to exercise? | Women in Sport posted on the topic | LinkedIn


An interesting study from Norway (2020) about how MC phases affect fitness, performance, and side effects in competitive endurance athletes, AND how much the female athletes themselves know and discuss this with their coaches.

  • 47% reported the worst fitness and performance and the highest number of side effects (symptoms like headache, cramps, fatigue) during bleeding.

  • Only 8% reported having sufficient knowledge about the MC in relation to training

  • 27% communicated about it with their coaches

Key Message IMO:
Many female athletes perceive changes in fitness, performance, and side effects across the Menstrual cycle, worst during the bleeding phase.
Education for both athletes and coaches is needed.

Link to abstract:

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