Fitness levels, plan volumes and ramp rates

I am hoping someone can give me some guidance on how to approach my training for the best results -

I am on the second week of the Low Volume plan and I am getting the “bike/run fitness too high for this plan” warning… I would love to be able to dedicate more time to training however fitting the 4-6 sessions in from the Low Volume plan plus separate S&C is already a struggle. I have already set the ramp rate to “fast” and encouragingly Althletica seems to be bumping up the load for the next week and a half compared to the original plan.

I suppose my main question is will Athletica ramp the plan quick enough that eventually it will catch up and I will no longer be too fit for the low volume plan? If not then would setting the ramp rate to “aggressive” help and are there any other ways to bring the Low Volume plan more in-line with my needs?

FYI my main event for the year is the London Big Half on the 1st Sept. I will probably switch to the mid or high volume plan for a month or so in the lead up to it.


I wouldn’t set the ramp rate based on trying to get rid of that warning. I’d set the ramp rate based on what you think is a reasonable weekly increase in load for you. What’s the rate of increase you can absorb and recover from without getting injured?