Updating bike VT2 indoor vs outdoor


Hey Athletica

I did a 20 min indoor test this morning in which my power thankfully went up 20 watts or so. Athletica recognised this and updated my indoor zones accordingly however hasn’t changed my outdoor values. I don’t plan on doing an outdoor test and do most of my training indoors due to time restrictions. It looks as though the training plan zones are based on the outdoor power values and therefore exporting workouts will be based on my old lower test? I have tried manually inputting outdoor values in to match indoors on the plan overview page however they don’t seem to save. Do I need to input them under settings and recalc the training plan skipping test week?
Any ideas




Hi Grant,

Thanks for noting that. You should be able to manually update. It was a bug and should be fixed. Could you please try again and confirm for me?



Thanks Paul,

Have re entered and they have saved so all good,



My Indoor and Outdoor power and heart rates are different and are listed as such within the Plan Overview for Athlete Zones. However on my Garmin Edge (530), when I am completing my indoor ride (upload from Athletica to Garmin was completed before the start), it is still displaying my outdoor zones for the sets/intervals. After the workout and reviewing the data in Athletica, the indoor ride box is checked. I started to wonder when I noticed that my actual loads were much higher than the planned, and I believed that I following the workout as prescribed. Suggestions? Thanks,