MAF correlation with FTP


I just completed the MAF bike test. I'm 34M (therefore, a 146 target HR), been training for 10-ish years. I have an FTP around 310w. The problem: at 146 bpm, I'm putting out 280w for the 30' segment... If this is true, my vt1 is approximately 280w and my vt2 is approximately 310w. I wouldn't say 280w is *hard* per se, but it certainly ain't zone 2 easy. What is the data showing with a case where my lactate thresholds are so close to each other? Should I back the 146 down to like 130 (where it actually feels like a traditional zone 2)?

Hi @cloy. That's some unique physiology and performance capacity you have. If you go to your power profile chart you can get a better indicator around where VT1 is more likely to be sitting (still impressive). If you look at the test, you might want to do the segments in reverse order. I.e., do the first 10 min at your predicted VT1 power. If HR is stable and it 'feels L2ish', then you've probably nailed it and you could try riding at that same HR (last 5 min of the 10 min segment). As you suggest, my guess is that will hit around 130ish in you (in the Z2 HR range you see on your settings). Note that this test is still more of an FYI and we haven't started doing much with the results but plan to and we believe this will give us insight into user durability.