Garmin ConnectIQ Workout Reserve data field

Yes, not even seeing the page, tries to open it and then crashes
Now I have just tried again and the message Connect IQ App shows as a line at the bottom of the page has changed
It’s telling me something like “Athletica data field installed - have fun!” but I still see “No profile” on my Edge
I have also noticed that if I try to change view from Basic to Advanced nothing happens (remains to Basic view )

One other thought that has been puzzling me. I think you said your device is a Garmin Edge 1040. In the data field download stats your device model does not show up.

When you turn on your Edge 1040 and open the Connect IQ app on your paired phone and then tap on my device what do you see? Please do a screen capture on your phone and post the image here.

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And tapping campi dati and share screen capture

And tapping workout reserve and share screen capture

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And tap impostazioni and screen capture

(here, if I try to select “Advanced” in Display Mode, nothing changes on my Edge screen)

Try changing the top setting and tapping salva and screen capture.

Okay despite your Connect IQ app having fun with installation that shows it can quite happily see the datafield on your device and save setting changes to your device.

I wondered if the problem was that the Connect IQ app was getting confused as to whether the datafield was installed or not. But we can eliminate that.

Next can you bring up the permissions for the Connect IQ app and share a screen capture.

When I click on “Salva” (Save) it brings me back to the App main screen telling me “Settings saved”

Yes that is as expected if installed successfully.

What does the bottom permission mean?

If the app is not used for a few months, current authorizations will be suspended

Can you also do a screen capture of your Chrome settings