Goal / Race suggestion required for multiday cycle then run

Hi there. I have 6 x 160km cycles on consecutive days followed by a mountain marathon. I am having problems getting this setup in athletica.

My cunning plan to get around the race template limitations was to have 6 x “cycling all rounder” B races for each of the rides. Then an “ultra marathon” as an A race.

First of all it wouldn’t let me have a run as an A race because I am of athlete type Duathlete so it needs to be a Duathlon!?

Then it wouldn’t allow me to create the rides because they don’t fall on a weekend.

Could someone suggest something that will allow me to create a suitable training plan to mirror my goal? This is before I start trying to think about the fact that I can only do long cycles on a Friday etc etc :slight_smile: Many thanks

Hi @vilbs ,
If you have a multiple stage race type event, just try to choose the date closest to the first day of the event as your race date. If you want to continue the balance of running and cycling in your plan, you may want to keep these as duathlons - up to you. For your Friday issue, you may want to consider joining the user-time constraints beta team where this is being worked on. You can search the forum to find info on this.

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