How do I add extra sessions?

Hi there,

I have an athlete that is on the running plan. Although, right now he is recovering from an injury, and thus want to focus on cycling and strength training for a while.

Im thinking I could add bike sessions, and swap those with planned running sessions. How do I do that? I find no ready-made sessions in the library.

Alternatively, under settings and “training distribution”, I could change that to 80% cycling and 20% running, and then change back. Would that be a better option?


Hi Erik, I’m adding strength and yoga sessions to my athletes’ plans by clicking the plus button, creating a workout, then saving it to my library to assign later. You have to create your own sessions, but I find it works pretty well to have them in the library. Create them in Word or Google Docs so they’re written out just in case something happens to the library.

Thanks, Paul