I think I broke my plan (scheduled changes and, maybe, user error?)

Hello, all:

I think I might have broken my plan through a combination of user indecisions and potential error.

Loaded in a series of mtb races that were meant to have occurred over the past few weeks, only one of which actually went off. One was moved to another date for rain, then the final two eventually were cancelled (more rain…trails are peanut butter!). I reset my training plan with each switch of the schedule. As part of the final shift, I deleted a 70.3 that I decided no longer seemed reasonable.

Meantime, I also switched from low-vol to mid-vol, as the system suggested I needed to. To limit the swimming (which I primarily leave to one day on the weekend because, well, much as I’d like to improve my swim times, I have my doubts that’s possible to any grand degree and I…ehem…think I otherwise swim well enough to maintain a reasonable place heading into the bike, a discipline on which I’d rather spend the majority of my training time), I attempted to use the percentage weights (S B R Str → 10 60 25 5) and daily priorities (90min max weekdays, 2hr swim/run Sat and 3hr ride Sun), but the system said it had to ignore the former and the latter seemed not to work; I could sense the plan attempting to incorporate all the disciplines but finding too little room to maneuver (e.g., swimming four of 7 days, but with relatively short sessions).

Primary challenge now, it seems, is that my plan seems to have retained elements of prior plans and added new ones. Several days have multiple riding or running sessions. And on at least one day, I have a “run off the bike” when no bike is scheduled. Also notable is the 5,300m pool session scheduled for next week (might try it just to get the “longest swim” notes on Strava!).

Perhaps I may need to do a reset? Also, since I now only will be racing Olys this year, along with some swim-runs and other mtb races, might it be best that I switch the plan to mid-distance duathlon to remove the swim and strength sessions?

Sorry for the troubles. Love the plan’s guidance so far. Thanks in advance for the review and response!

P.S. It was interesting how the plan handled the mtb racing series…no disciplines other than riding during what was meant to have been about a 6-week time period (2 C and a B race finale; first tri is scheduled for 04.21). I ended up with an overload of pre-race rest and prep days that dropped my fitness. Easy to work around, but I likely won’t include the four-part swim run series in the schedule for this reason.

Hi @SoCal1x,
I’ve just checked your plan and note that you are a beta user with a number of time constraints in your settings. As with all beta testers they should understand that they are part of an experimental group. Please let me know if you’d rather I remove you from this group. Otherwise, all I can suggest is that you do indeed double check your constraint settings and reset your plan including the races that you feel will occur. Let us know how you go.

Thanks, Paul:

Probably best to reset the plan it would seem. Changing the races (and choosing skip test week) seems not to fully reset the plan (remnants of the prior plan seem to have “stuck”; see 03.16 ROB and 03.24 multiple bike sessions). Is there another way to fully reset the plan?

Happy to remain a beta to see if I can meld the platform to my preferred routine; otherwise fine dropping off it the design is not meant to allow for my relatively more narrow preferences.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @SoCal1x
So here’s the issue. The logic has populated your day correctly. On 03/16 you ask for at 45 min of running. Athletica has gone into its library and found the equivalent sessions that are at least 45 min. In this case, one is a 20 min run and the other is the 35 min run. Logic is met. Unfortunately this is the beta aspect you are under. You need to think about the prescription and combine the runs yourself. In future, those sessions will be combined but we haven’t been able to acheive that yet. Does that make sense?

Ah! Perfect sense. Thanks a tonne for taking the time to explain. I’ll let the system develop the plan w/o constraints and simply adjust to my schedule.

Thanks, again, for adding the clarity.

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I encountered a similar issue. Initially, I thought adding a 5k running race into my plan as a C priority would be a nice idea. However, I didn’t anticipate that it would completely alter my plan up until the race. After removing the race to revert to my original plan, I noticed my schedule for the next few weeks changed. Whereas I had only one base week remaining before, I now have three weeks of base training.

What would you recommend I do in this situation, @Prof?

Logic looks good to me for a focus on your 1/2 distance triathlon as planned currently @anilakarsu

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