Planning bug in my plan?


I think there is a bug with my training plan. This week and next week, it planned two Sunday runs and at the same time gave the following warning: “Overall training load (run) is too high on day 2024-06-09. You have a high risk of overtraining. Consider moving or deleting some sessions.”

It also packs all the runs at the end of the week and the swim more at the start. I redistribute this week, but I should not have to do that.



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Hi @Jerome,

This is a known bug described on the user-time constraint thread and related to the beta group you are in.

Please let me know if you’d like to be removed from the beta group for an improved user experience.

I have let our developers know about your particular output so that improvements can be made in the future.


Okay, no problem. I would rather stay in the beta group. If I already have a four-run schedule, I will delete it; otherwise, if I have only three runs, I will move it to another day.



Sounds good @Jerome