Increase Training Load


I've been using Athletica for a couple weeks now and wondering if the machine learning will ever increase the load of your training plan? I am not talking if workout is missed or out of compliance, but if you are sticking to the plan or adding some work in. I've done more than what the plan has prescribed and left workout feedback that I feel great and am recovering well. Because of this, workouts later in the week are getting reduced in load and duration. Will the system notice I can handle more and adjust my training plan accordingly?

Hey there. Was able to find you on the system by searching a portion of your forum username. If you go to Charts => Performance Potential, you'll see the roadmap you're on in terms of load progression. Looks like it will be on its way up soon. Also, for more of a challenge, you might want to go to Settings => Advanced => Ramp Rate and choose something more aggressive. Remember that changed settings take time to implement by our backend brain but they will take affect. Let me know how you go and happy to help further.