Miscalculation of duration for workout


Today i had a HIIT short workout, and it is the second time that it calculates the duration of the workout wrong with approx. 20 minutes.

I have attached a picture of the workout and of the realized workout. I meticulously followed that training plan, and a quick napkin calculation also shows that it should be around 1h 38m and not 1h 17m.

I’ve noticed similar miscalculations with my workout tomorrow being way off. It has it planned at 1:51, but I am calculating it to be closer to 2:42. I reduced the hill sprints considerably to get the total effort to be closer to 2hours.


Hi @Graim @Tokej ,
I believe that the discrepancy relates to moving / working duration where the rest intervals between sprints are classified as passive and with negligible load.