Progressive Overload is too sensitive to load of a workout

Last week I had a long strength endurance workout planned for Tuesday approx 2.5 hours with the main set of the session being 3 x 18’ (12’+6’ recovery). Since on Tuesdays I cannot do long workouts, I split this by doing an hour of Z2 on monday and the strength endurance on Tuesday with shorter warm up and cool down and the same set. After the monday Z2 session, athletica changed the schedule for the strength endurance to 2x14’ (10’+4’ recovery).

This week I now see that the prescribed workout from athletica for the bike strength endurance is now 3x 17’ (11’ +6’ recovery) . Since athletica does not check compliance to prescribed intervals this is overload in its view, but now I am out of synch and would need to modify this manually to get some overload.

Another example is from bike HIIT workout last week was prescribed and executed as 4x 9X1’ (30+30) and now this morning this seems to have changed to 4x8x1’. This one is particularly odd because the before load was lower than current load.

I am not exactly sure what is causing Athletica to change my workouts, but I would think it would be better for it to first change WU/CS before the main set.

Note I am not using the user constrain feature because my main issue seems to be the long strength endurance workouts and I want athletica to have freedom to plan the rest of my training.

Another some what related question, if I move my recovery week after another build week (ie put recovery after a build week 1), does the build week 1 get modified to a build week 3 e.g.?


Interestingly today after I finished the bike strength endurance workout I noticed the prescribed session had changed to 4x13’ (9+4’ recovery). I did a 3x 18’ (13’+5’ recovery).
For the bike HIIT session the prescribed session is back to showing 9x4x1’.
Its very unclear what is causing these updates and when they happen. I normally download bike workouts the day before since I use the zwift phone app and dont want to deal with the hassle of synching the workouts early mornings.

Hi @nhc ,
If you go to your Profile Settings, Plan Settings, click the box over 'Don’t modify current date’s sessions and that will hopefully solve the issue for you.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 11.15.56 AM