Race B BUILD/Taper inexistence



Hello on September 10th I have a Triathlon Sprint RACE A

September 3 Half Marathon Race B

But the Build or Taper Run-Specific week does not appear

For example 21//27.08 or 28//03.09 specific for Run as it appeared before ... only taper appears to me but for triathlon and no RUN

Giuseppe Leccese

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Greetings. This is a tough one to optimize for and I would say in this context Athletica hasn't done too bad a job for you but maybe not fully optimal yet. To be clear, you're doing a Sprint distance race on Sept 10, and also doing a half marathon the week prior (Sept 3). You have declared your Sprint distance race as your A race, which tells Athletica that this is the most important thing you are trying to optimize for. Put another way, Athletica is placing swim, bike and run sessions into your program to focus on your A race. Your B race isn't the priority, but agree that some of the taper days that week should be modified. I would use the Workout Wizard for this to help refine for you. Again to be clear, your choice to do a half-marathon race (large neuromuscular load) the week prior to doing an important sprint distance triathlon is not a wise one for most people unless you are a very good runner. I would be cautious with the half marathon and just use it as a training race.


Ok perfect!

I tried to move the half marathon 2 weeks before and the “Taper week” Half Marathon rightly appears!

Only one big problem remains: my WORKOUT WIZARD doesn't work for some sessions! For example, I can't change my RUN session tomorrow, July 25th! For some sessions it works for others it doesn't and it's a big problem

Even if I use macbooks or Other PC