Seeking a Training Plan to Incorporate Cycling Around My Crossfit Workouts

"I’m wondering if Athletica is suitable for me. I do Crossfit 2-3 times a week and also want to incorporate cycling training. Can Athletica accommodate this? Should I plan my Crossfit sessions in advance from the workout library so the software can build a cycling plan around them? Does it take my Crossfit training into consideration, at least in terms of heart rate load?

I understand that combining these two types of training is challenging, especially with limited rest days. I’ve just started my first week trial and scheduled two Crossfit sessions. It seems like the software isn’t reacting to this, but I realize it’s early and it doesn’t know about my fatigue yet. Will it take this into consideration later on?

If so, this would be my dream software. Thanks, Fabian


Hi @Fabs ,
To your question, mostly yes. Of course with your Cross Fit training we don’t yet have a monitor that can measure your neuromuscular loading, but we will get something of a load score there with the heart rate, and I like how you’ve spaced your cross fit training between the bike training. So Athletica will only take the HR loading into account as that’s all it can do. You will have to do some of your own manipulation based on common sense and we have tools to help you there such as the ability to move or delete sessions and to choose alternates based on the Workout Wizard.
Let us know how you go.

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That’s cool you are trialing Athletica and fit your Cross-Fit in. Interested to see how it works for you, Fabian.
My hubby did Cross-fit with Marathon training… it’s was a tough combo and I think it left him a bit over fatigued for a while. It can be too much of high intensity, so be careful combining cross-fit with hard bike sessions… let me know how it works for you


Hey @Fabs
thought you would enjoy this article from the boys in HIIT science:

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