Self-coached or coached?

We ran a little poll on our private Facebook group. 90% of our athletes there answered they are self-coached by athletica.

Let’s hear it from you, do you have a coach or Athletica’s Smart Coach is doing a great job to meet your needs? Comment by replying to this thread!



Athletica is my coach. I cannot justify the extra money for a coach for my hobby and passion when my own self satisfaction is all I get back in return. Plus, what Athletica is built around and hopefully developing is what I expect a good AI Coaching program should be able to do. I think it is still a work in progress but I believe in my AI Coach!!


Glory to my AI overlord!

Athletica is my coach, it’s not my first AI coach. Athletica is kind of flexible (moving sessions, the workout wizard) I can plan my cross training and S&C. It adjusts the session load. So for now it works perfectly

however there’s stuff an AI can’t do, like helping choosing races, checking your form, yelling at you if you need to push.

I train on other sport (muay thai) and I like the emulation, the retroaction coaches gives, I have been on a track with a coach and I like that. But I also tried a coach that gave me a program and never saw me running and disliked it very much.

I guess the jury is still out …


Thanks for sharing ! Totally get you. Tell us more about your expectations from an AI coach?

These are all such good points! You are :100: % on point in that AI coach cannot give you what a human can, whether it is the human relationship or yelling at the sidelines to give you an extra boost! It’s quite remarkable what a pair of eyes on the pool deck or side of the track can do.

As a coach your comments have given me some good ideas for my own business as I continue to explore new ways to grow as a coach and business owner. Thank you!!! :pray:
I think there are still people who just want to be told what to today while others want that more personal touch and support so I don’t think human coaches will be replaced completely.
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At this point, I’m self coaching and use Athletica as tracking for my workouts. The Smart Coach was good for an entry into programming, but when I saw my stats starting to decline, I had to intervene. Some of the workouts are good templates, but I do a lot of modification now.

I’ve reached out to a potential human coach to really take the next step.


Self coached. I’m quite disciplined at following what suggested and listening to my body. I don’t need someone to motivate me. In fact the AI probably means I do less long distance and a greater mix of intensities, Which overall has been good for me.

Moving sessions or the using the workout wizard or something I’ve created in the session library are the most common features I use. The only time constraint I use is keeping Sundays under 3 hours.

At the moment I’m injured (trauma not a training overuse injury) and have set the AI to unscheduled. Which is great as it’s still tracking my session load, and giving feedback, but without any pressure to do more than I’m capable of as I heal.

I’m quite close to my A event and thus the aim right now is to hold onto what fitness I have. Then in a couple weeks when the healing is further on, I’ll bring back some intensity to give my top end a boost ahead of my A event.

I’ll likely stay unscheduled after A event then back to structure when I feel ready again.


While you are feeling better @Phil :heart: