and A.I. in the Media

Shout out to Athletica in the Outside Online article:

I feel like there was a bit of a miss in the understanding and reference to ChatGPT being the engine behind some of the systems supporting the platforms: the title is certainly clickbaity, but it is mainstream media and everyone needs the clicks :newspaper:

As LLM understanding increases and is better understood by the general population more and more interesting aspects will be unlocked.

Have a read and post what your thoughts and questions are; looking forward to the conversations!

If interested I would recommend listening to the short series below on A.I. I found it well put together and presented along with being very insightful into the current reality of A.I. Vs the perception:

Let the Comments Commence!


Yeah. AI usage in cycling is big.

I saw an article recently that UAE is developing tech to use in their training to try and give Pogacar a boost in this year. Curious if anybody knows what they are doing?

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Very cool @Cubicfunction. Thanks for posting and great to get a mention. Agree with your thoughts. Long road ahead but doors starting to open for us now and we are excited :slight_smile: … cc @Marjaana @MarkB


It’s super cool to witness all the positive comments and media picking us up. It is also thanks to our active community here in the Forum that helps to get the word out there! So thank you for being such a big part of the fun @Cubicfunction :star_struck:

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