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This may be a dumb question, and perhaps I should know the answer, but if a set in a swim workout says something like: "450m as 2 p/p and 2 pull and 1 swim" what does that mean? I know p/p means pull/paddles and what pull and swim mean, I just can't figure out how to split it up...


Hey there. Remember the rule. No dumb questions (us included!)

This is likely an error our end where one part has been modified (dynamic loading) but not the other, leaving you confused. Please let me know what microcycle you are on (low volume, mid volume, base 1, build 2, taper 2, etc) so I can adjust.

For now (450m), try:

  • 200m pull/paddle
  • 200m pull
  • 50m swim



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@knabt thanks… and was it a sprint distance tri program you are on?

Thanks... adjustments made. Please LMK if this appears again for you.

For the Swim Time Trial workout how long should the rest be in between each segment of the workout? The rest time in each segment in specified, but I'm not sure how much I was supposed to rest in between which has led to Athletica recording my pace as 20 seconds per 100y slower than what Garmin recorded. Very confusing.

What is a contrast set? 4x200yd pull 30" rest just means 4 sets of 200yd with pull buoy with 30 seconds rest right?

What are the p's here: s/p/s/p pull or paddles? I'm assuming the s' are swim.

Hello @plastic6825. For the time trial, you really want to be rested for it so you can give a maximal effort. So take as much time as you need in between. Record the time and remember it as the watches aren't always the best for getting these exactly. Then you can work out your threshold after (send me a message and I can assist).

A contrast set is something you do in between to recover.

s is swim, p is pull buoy and pp is pullbuoy with paddles.

In Athletica, see the help section on the left for all the terms.

@prof I started using athletica.ai this week, as of now just for myself and hopefully with the clients in the near future.

Today after the first swim I had the same issue as @Plastic6825 - the average pace from my Garmin was 20 seconds/100 yards faster than what athletica.ai registered. Is there a way to adjust it?

Is there a glitch or is it something that I need to change in settings? I set up pool length in yards as it should be

Thank you in advance!


Hi @jarek-szurlej. Sorry you are having this issue, which is indeed being reported by multiple Athletica users. We're doing some big Coach UI/UX updates at the moment so our small dev team is focused on this. Nevertheless I promise this will be resolved just as soon as possible. If you wouldn't mind including the moving time detail or anything else that is incorrect and different than your Garmin output on the 'Details and Analysis' comments section that would be helpful for us.

Thanks for your support.

Low Volume Build 1, I figured it was probably something like that, just couldn't figure out how the math was supposed to work, thanks for the super quick response!

Olympic Distance

Is there a chance to pout in section terminology in app the swimm shortcuts that you are using in swim sessions - what author understand by using :slight_smile:

  • kick
  • swim
  • s/p/s/p
  • drill ( what drill - any? )
    If someone starts with athletica, this is the worst-described session for athletes. As they are used to working with other approaches and at start, some syllabus is really needed


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Acknowledged @ironkid. Please go to Help and Education => Common Session Terms (see screenshot).

s/p/s/p = swim, pull, swim, pull
pp = pull paddles
swim = just swim
kick = kick set
drills should be specific to you but rotating these 10 around would be helpful.

Hi, I looked through the help section to find what L3a ie is referring to. Here is a Screenshot of the workout.:

I guessed, you are referring to zones, however in the help section seven zones are used, no letters.

Could you direct ne to right source, where I would find those?

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Those zones can refer to either pace or HR. If you select the hamburger menu on the upper right of the screen you can view your swim (bike and run too) zones which should mention L3a and L3b.

**For some reason I can’t currently upload a screen shot, but it’s the menu option right under your name on the upper right.


Hi @Prof

I have the same issue with my low-volume tri plan:

Not an urgent issue for me, but just letting you know that it is appearing in other people’s plans as well.


Thanks - I thought I got all of those but obviously not. I’ve made some tweaks that should prevent but please flag others as they pop up so I can clean up. Appreciated!


I have a Swim Terminology question after finding this tread and not finding it in the common sense terms. I have a 7x75yd kick/swim for my next session. Is this to be completed as a freestyle swim wearing fins or something else?
Many thanks, -Joe
Screen Shot 2024-01-09 at 8.20.15 PM

This one works very nice on 25m or 25yd pools. Start the first length (25) with kick, leave your kickboard on the edget, then do the second 2 lengths (100) swim to find your kickboard again. Repeat.

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@Prof I remember you were trying to get rid of these, or am I wrong?

CleanShot 2024-02-12 at 00.06.13

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