Rest periods in swim workouts downloaded to Garmin

I’ve started using the swim workouts that are downloaded to my Garmin. They work really well, except there frequently (always?) is no rest period between the sets. Would you be able to add a rest period, preferably a rest till lap button press. I did my CSS test today and there was no rest between the 100m in the PREP set and the 400m TT. I took a 10s rest but it means my 400m TT time has an extra 10s in it, and I probably wasn’t quite as rested at the start of the TT as I should have been.

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I am excited to try this feature tomorrow. I was playing around with the set on my watch, and I also noticed no rest period after the last work swim of a set.

This is also true for the warm up.

For example, if the first work set 6x100s on 30 seconds rest wouldn’t have 30 seconds of rest built in after the sixth 100. Thus, when you end the sixth 100, it immediately starts the first swim of the next set.

It would also be great if it would clarify if it was a swim or kick set.

Another comment - is it just me or are other swim workouts in pace/miles instead of pace/yards?

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Hi there @Jeremy & @nmc ,
Obviously we’re learning here as we go as this feature and option is brand new to all of us, so really appreciate you testing for us.
We think that hitting lap won’t do anything. However what should work is pressing stop and then resume between the sets.
Please let me know how that works.

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Stopping at the end of the set works, but you have to be quick because it automatically starts the time for the next lap. It also isn’t obvious when there won’t be a rest interval, though now I know to look at the end of each set!

I don’t know if Garmin lets you do this, but what would be great is for there to be a rest interval added to the workout in between each set, and ideally the rest period to end on pressing the lap button which would be the start of the new set.


Hi all, same issue regarding the rest period not considered at the end of the set. @Prof Hope will be a possible fix , plus would be great to add the the notes of the set to garmin. For this two reason I still bring at the pool my paper notes…trees are crying :grin: