Training Zones: HR vs Power


It seems there is a mismatch between my HR and power zones. One of my recent workouts was to stay in L2 for 1:30 hours. I stayed at the target HR but when the workout was finished, the analysis showed that my power was way too high . My assumption is that my HR and power training zones should by synchronized by zone. Is this correct?




Hey Allen! I recently had the same issue with run pace not matching hr zones.

Current method for bring them back together is to perform another testing week for the bike or run or swim. A little birdy told me that in the nearish future, recent training data will be used to keep zones updated.


@green-biker please send a message to to identify your account to me and I'll see if I can improve your training zones. Clearly looks off.

Hello @Prof , is running power planned for the future?

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Yes - it definitely is. Can’t say when but its definitely up there in the short list. Likely sometime in first or second quarter of 2024 I would guess.

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