TSX imports from indoor rowing sessions?

Afternoon, all:

Switched from a Concept2 to an RP3 for indoor rowing. I can track the four primary data series easily on the device: time, distance, HR, power. I also can sync those data to Strava, which are then pulled down to Athletica.ai.

That feed, however, does not contain power data. So I looked to import those data myself. I first export those data in .tcx form from RP3, then convert them to .fit and finally import them to Athletica.ai as a new session.

Still no power data. But I believe the .fit file has power; confirmed by reimporting the converted .fit file to Strava.

Perhaps the .tsx file would include the power? Other thoughts?

Not sure the power is needed for the load (which I understand to be the more meaningful output of the session; as an aside, the load for the session I just uploaded seems a bit high, but I have only prior sessions against which to gauge, am Iā€™m far from knowledgeable on the calc. For reference, intervals.ai gave the session a 46 load)

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