UltraMarathon running plans

I’m trainning for a 100k ultra trail and its the first time i use Athletica.ai
While looking at my training plan, i dont see any WEC (weekend choc). No workout longer than 3 hours . . . In my past training plans i used to have WECs with longer (time) trail workouts. . . The fact that i dont have WEC scares me a little . . . Should i be worried?

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Hi @HualbertoAguirre,
We get this question a fair bit. Athletica’s aim is to prescribe training that keeps you healthy and injury free. That means looking at the training status and fitness that you have. Based on your status, Athletica doesn’t want to push the long run (acute load) at this point as your chronic load (fitness) isn’t that high yet. You can help Athletica let out the leash more by training more often (I note missed sessions in your plan) or extending your longer runs by just a bit, or by naturally lifting your pace/speed so you cover more distance in the same time. You are also always free to override Athletica’s recommendations if you feel you can handle the longer weekend runs, however Athletica always takes a more conservative approach.



I completely understand, and I don’t believe running more than 3 hours is good to stay injury-free. That being said, when training for ultras, a 3-5 hour run doesn’t necessarily mean 3-5 hours of running time, but more about 3-5 hours out there in the woods, sometimes walking, climbing, etc. On the other hand, after looking at the documentation on how Athletica creates and adapts its workout loads, I understand why it’s not suggesting longer runs! :blush:

I like the fact that you guys are focusing on staying injury-free!!

Thanks for your help!