Training for Trail Ultra

Hi, I’m new to Athletica
Here my question: Is there a way to let the ai know that the event I prepare for is a 100k with approx. 3000m of elevation?
What I would expect is a trainingsplan that includes hill trainings.

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Athletica will give you a training plan with Strength Endurance work, and HIIT sessions uphill.
You can and should always choose your training terrain accordingly to your goals, so that you are ready for the elevation, meaning go run, hike on hilly trails…
But for now you cannot tell AI that your goal is to do a lot of hills. Maybe it’s in the dev line… @Prof would be able to answer that one. :point_up:
Hope this helps,

Thx Marjaana. It would have been lovely if I would have been able to just upload the gpx data and let the AI do it’s magic. Let’s hope this comes in the future.
Backyard Ultra would also be nice to have as it is a somewhat odd run.


Also, Harald, the goal of Athletica is to get you as fit as possible for your key events. As Marjaana said, include hills and other course features on your daily workouts, follow the plan, and you’ll be ready to go on race day! Is this a 100k running or cycling event?

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Hi and thx.
It’s a running event.

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Duh, now I see the headline as a trail event! Sorry! Good luck with the training, Harald!