Zones (Indoor/Outdoor)

Is there a way to manage a session to be indoor or outdoor? I ask as I complete sessions as described and have different zones for both. Hence the indoor session uses the outdoor zones and in this case gives a lower training load despite completing the workout as planned and at those power levels. Of course one sole is updating the zones to match but curious if you can solve this by choosing the session as indoor or outdoor bike to match the Garmin setup.

Hi @AMurray,
That’s a good idea but at this point not available. I’m curious — are you confident around the difference between the indoor/outdoor numbers? Having a look at your profile there’s a pretty big difference and I wondered if there was a calibration issue perhaps or if one set-up hadn’t been tested for recently?

For sure it’s a lack of recent outdoor rides. While the difference wouldn’t typically be as large I’d think in some cases it would be large enough that choosing the correct set of zones could be helpful to some users to align the prescription with the subsequent data.

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Or even better use the appropriate zones to calculate the TL without any user input

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I have the same issue. My HR on the road is naturally much higher for the same RPE as on the trainer, so lately since all my workouts have been on the trainer, doing the workout as planned gives me a much lower load number.