Using this forum

Welcome to the Athletica forum. We’re super excited to have this place to start conversations and answer questions on (almost) any subject.

Welcome to the Athletica Forum. We're super excited to have this place to start conversations and answer questions on (almost) any subject.

This forum software is new for us and we are still encountering some issues, so please post here if you have any problems or need questions related to navigating and using the forum. Thanks!

One question that has already come up a few times is how to set your profile image (not intuitive - sorry).

To do this, go to forum navigation bar and click on My Profile/Account and click on the profile icon with a gear on the right side below the cover image. Go to the Avatar section and select Upload an avatar. You can also change the cover image by clicking on the photo icon in the bottom right corner of the cover image.


Thanks for all your work in getting this up and running for everyone Mark. For my profile 'cover' photo, what are the ideal dimensions I should be shooting for?

The dimensions should be 1118x458, that is 1118 width by 458 Height, these images can have a resolution of 300x300 ppi.

I do not see any profile icon; see image below


Hi @jerome, thanks for joining the discussion. I checked your profile and everything looks good. I suspect that you might have to login again - when I look at my profile (and yours) in an un-logged in state, the member edit controls are not there, however when I login again, they magically appear.

Please let me know if that works.



That does not work. I waited to try it on a computer as this WE I was mobile, and it does not work on either device.

Hi again @jerome. I'm sorry you're still having issues. You are clearly logged in if you can leave a post (I should have figured this out before), so you should be clicking on your profile and looking for the icon below on the right hand side of the screen below the banner image. Hopefully that works. If that still doesn't work, email a square image to us at and I can upload it to your profile.


I needed to post a new message thread for it to work.

That's super helpful to know. As mentioned, this is a new discussion platform for us. I'll hunt around and see if I can remove that requiremement for future joiners. Thanks @jerome

Evening @Markbridges! I'm attempting to add a reply to my "Big training thread", but keep getting an error. I've logged out and back in again to no avail. I was able to reply to another commend on the thread, but not a "main" comment reply. Just temporary forum stuffs?

Side note, replying to your forum thread, obviously, works. Just mine does not.


Turns out that emoji from my iPhone keyboard (the "high five" in this case) wouldn't let the reply post. I removed that emoji and it works.

@jesse thanks for flagging this and providing a solution. The forum software we use is pretty basic and clunky, but for the most part, does the job. Thanks, as always for your contributions.

How do you direct message people on here?

Hi @Plastic6825 we haven’t officially “launched” this new forum software but I’m happy you found your way here from the old site. We should have this officially up and running later this week as we still have some tweaking and tidying to do here.

But in the mean time, to DM on this forum you can click on a user’s profile and you should see a button “MESSAGE” in the top right corner. I’ll send you a DM now.


It is probably related to this message: "You should have minimum number of approved posts to be able edit your profile information" when I open my account profile